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Winning Ticket Wins at Hawkesbury!

Winning Ticket hoped his winning account with an exciting...

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Meet Our New Horse in New Zealand!

In an attempt to counter all these expensive European...

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At the recent Magic Millions Adelaide Premier Yearling...

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Our latest tried horse purchase from the Eastern States,...



If you’ve always wanted to experience the thrills and excitement of owning a winning racehorse, then you should definitely look at joining a racing partnership or syndicate.

It's your best opportunity to enjoy all the thrills and excitement that owning a racehorse can bring-without necessarily spending a lot of money.

Whether you’re looking to buy a small, easily affordable share in just the one horse that will end up costing you less than the price of a sandwich a day, or you’re looking to have a bit more fun by holding shares in multiple horses (and thus dramatically increasing your chances of winning races), doing it via a syndicate or partnership will give you every possible opportunity to become a winning owner.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.Explore! Dream! Discover!” - Mark Twain

So have a browse around our site, and if there’s a horse of ours that takes your fancy, and you'd like to race it with people who care about your success, we’ll make it super easy for you to join in and have some fun...

Peter & Karen Morley


"I owned horses for nearly 20 years and won one race. Since I've been with Peter and Karen though, I've now had over 60 winners and covered the walls of my home and office with Winning Photos." - Geoff Baldwin


Racehorse Syndicates What to Expect...

The workings of one of our racing syndicates are pretty easy to understand.

If you take up a 5% share then you pay 5% of the costs. Same for 10%, same for 20%, etc, plus we charge roughly two bucks a day for our management fees. It's as simple as that. No rocket science involved here!

Once you've bought you're share in a racehorse, you’ll be kept up to date with the latest progress of your horse and what your trainer expects of it. You’re encouraged to ask questions if there’s something you don’t understand, and our help desk is always open!

Our job is to make your racing experience an exciting, interesting, and a memorable one! We take care of all the paperwork, liaison with the various racing bodies, and also ensure that you’re always up to date on what is happening with your horse with regular communications regarding potential runs, trainer expectations, race reviews and plenty more. All you have to do is enjoy the anticipation, excitement and thrill of owning your own racehorse!

"I'd just like to thank you very much for the opportunity to be involved with Belhus Racing Stables. The success I’ve had in such a short time is amazing. To have 3 winners in just 6 starts is a dream come true. Especially with two of those wins in the city. The fun and excitement along the way is fantastic. Congratulations on running a friendly, informative and extremely exciting operation." - Paul Luzi, Lighthouse Realty, Bunbury

Everyone Loves A Winner!

Peter Morley is 'The Racehorse Syndication Specialist'. He's been syndicating racehorses for 18 years and has introduced thousands of people to the racing game as owners. Some of his first ever owners are still with him today!

If you decide to join one of our racing syndicates or partnerships, we'll be with you every step of the way to share the excitement of owning a winning racehorse with you!

So if you'd like to get your chance to stand and celebrate in the Winners Circle, then take a look through our website, get a bit more information on racing syndicates and see if you can find your Champion right here!



Belhus syndicated horses have won 222 races and $4,142,310 in prizemoney for their owners!

Strike Rates as at 14/4/14

Winners - 10.56%

(which means that we have a winner from approx every 9 runners)

First 3 Finish - 31.05%

(which means that on average, any given Belhus runner is approx 2/1 to run a place)

First 5 Finish - 51.26%

(which means that on average, any given Belhus runner is 10/9 ON to finish in the first 5)

Horse Date Race Track Fields/Form


Tis A Gift Apr 21, 2014 3 Bunbury Field/Form
Advantage Kenny Apr 23, 2014 1 Ascot Field/Form
Winning Ticket Apr 23, 2014 5 Canterbury Park Field/Form

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